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MAY 2021 BLOG. I got a phone call and the callers asked me to quote on a set of 4 tires and rear brakes. I asked "what is wrong with the ones you have on the car now?" The client was traveling through town when she heard a loud noise while applying the brakes on her car. Turns out, she had it at another shop and wanted another quote on the suggested repairs. I offered to give her my opinion and then, upon inspection, I'd provide a quote. She came in for the inspection and she did need both suggested items. This is were things went in different directions between us and the repair shop that had the before. One side of the rear brakes pads were metal to metal. The tires were down to the steel belts on the inside but had about 60 to 75 % left on the center and on the outside. The difference was that the other shop did not to look any further beyond her original complaint. We did. The rear brakes were metal to metal because one of the rear calipers had stuck in the locked position. The tires were down to metal on the inside due to worn struts causing the suspension to sag. Without extra repairs, the replaced components would have failed soon, once again . After we showed proof to our claims, she approved the work. Our client is glad we noticed the underlaying cause of the failed components. Soon after that, she approved the work. When something fails on your vehicle, ask yourself and your mechanic this question ... "What caused this component to fail?"